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rageh inside iran

With a third round of UN sanctions recently being imposed on Iran over its nuclear program, I thought this would be a fitting time to share one of my favorite documentaries, Rageh Inside Iran. Unlike most documentaries on Iran that have journalists enter the worst rural and urban parts of the country to implicitly show its “backwardness”, this film demonstrates how there are many knots, colors, and layers that go into making the finely woven rug that is Iran.



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khastegari music video

I thought I would post a music video that has a funny take on a “khastegari” mentioned in Shideh’s post. Unfortunately, while the lyrics are in Farsi, I think the video itself will give our non-Farsi speaking readers a visual image of this tradition. It is by a young band – the Abjeez – comprised of Iranian and non-Iranian individuals who have come together to give a creative twist to Iranian pop music and who have enjoyed great success in recent years. Enjoy!


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