obama’s message to iran

I’m so glad to see that the U.S. is finally engaging in direct communication with my beloved country and that there is some degree of cultural engagement going on. I would love to read your opinions about this:



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6 responses to “obama’s message to iran

  1. Passer-by

    It all/mostly depends on the steps taken to assure that the USA means what it says. It needs to change its attitude towards Iran and show consistency . Being the superior power by a big margin, the US needs to understand the socio-cultural and socio-economic aspects of this brand new move keeping in mind that Iran has been cornered and isolated since the revolution. In these situations there must be a give and take from both sides with the superior power sacrificing the most. It won’t be easy for Iran to change because of the way it has been handled by internal and external powers. We need to be patient and unconditionally optimistic over the next few years.

    By and large it is too early to comment, but that should be the attitude. Let the show begin !!!

  2. Siamak

    I believe that he wants the best for the relation between the US and Iran. living in a Muslim country, Indonesia, during his childhood, helped him a lot to closely understand and knows Muslim communities… That they are the same as American, European, and many other people and families all around the world. I think, he very well knows that Muslim families; they want for their children the same as Christian and Jewish want. They try to bring education, comfort, and progress for their community and families. So, he is, in my belief, very persistent, but he also is American. So he should fulfill the benefits of the country he lives in as well; let’s say in peaceful way!

  3. Anonymous

    what i can say is Obama is the right person to be the US President.

    • paul

      How’s that workin’ for u now?
      Still the right guy?
      Unemployment up, $1,000,000,000,000 deficit, and going to lose big time in the mid-term.

  4. Passer-by

    i hope people have realized by now what i said before.

    Think not the way you are made to think.

    It is not that simple. Even if a president has genuinely sacred intentions he cannot take one step against the war machine. As simple as that.

    this rmantic dream will only ridicule you all.

  5. brooklynn

    i i’m glad you are my preszt

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