We all need a good pair of shoes 🙂  Enjoy this picture!

Blacksmith in Kandahar, Afghanistan

A blacksmith in Afghanistan’s southern city of Kandahar makes shoes for a donkey.



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2 responses to “shoes

  1. Bihzaad

    You are right I really like the way you are talking.
    EXCUSE Me!!! he is not making shoes for him lol i mean for donkey. that is some thing like brakes.
    i mean have you ever ride on a donkey ? No ! i know you didn’t. i will tell you what is it for?
    because i ride many many times on a donkey. it helps you when you are driving donkey and you have tow strings in your tow hand so when you want to stop your car Oops! i mean your donkey so it helps donkey to stop quickly actually in the time of accident. thanks i hope you guys understand my English cuz no English in kandahar.

  2. Fatima

    Thanks for your post Bihzaad and for correcting me! I thought it was something like a horse-shoe. Some of us probably could use brakes on our feet too 🙂

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