rageh inside iran

With a third round of UN sanctions recently being imposed on Iran over its nuclear program, I thought this would be a fitting time to share one of my favorite documentaries, Rageh Inside Iran. Unlike most documentaries on Iran that have journalists enter the worst rural and urban parts of the country to implicitly show its “backwardness”, this film demonstrates how there are many knots, colors, and layers that go into making the finely woven rug that is Iran.



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3 responses to “rageh inside iran

  1. I love this documentary. This reporter has done a fantastic job, showing diverse images of different aspects of life in Tehran.
    thank you for posting it Manata joon.

    It’s amazing how powerful propaganda can be and it’s sad to see how even highly educated people in America or Europe envision Iran or many other countries in the region. For example, it’s common to hear: “Iran is a giant desert, ha? do you speak Arabic in Iran? do you cover your face? Are women allowed to walk alone and go to school in Iran? College, you have universities there? Are women allowed to go to college?” … and many more.

    I hope more people in our generation will show interest to see the real image of countries and cultures clean of political propaganda and the influence of governments. Then it will become much harder to impose wars and hatred.

  2. Max

    I think the documentary suffers a little bit too much from Rageh Omar’s desire to make a big, life changing discovery. If he’d read the blogs, met some Iranians, etc. beforehand, he’d know it isn’t all “Great Satan! Death to Amrika!”

  3. Manata

    Hi Max,

    Interesting perspective… I didn’t think of that before. It’s interesting to see how Western media still impacted Omar’s well-intentioned, “neutral” reporting.

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