deeper the roots

A few days ago I went into a Starbucks to get something hot to drink and do some studying.  As I sat down with my hot water with pear & ginger teabag (it shouldn’t deserve to be called ‘tea’) at a small table next to a window, I glanced around the store.  Every store is the same.  The barista was writing about the latest drink special on a chalkboard and I thought, “I bet someone even tells her exactly what to write”.  In a way it is amazing how they can unify all these stores all over the world; the magic of marketing.  But I’m not a Starbucks fan and for many reasons that could be it’s own post.  But as I was looking around, I noticed a new poster that read “THE DEEPER THE ROOTS, THE HIGHER THE TREE”.  Interesting.  Starbucks has tried to market themselves as a socially responsible company and has made an effort to give inspiration to their customers, whether it is from the quotes on the back of the paper cups or the CD’s and books sold in their store.  I suppose they should be given credit for at least trying, but maybe it’s so we don’t feel so bad after overpaying for a cup of coffee.  I found it to be a very interesting phrase and wonder what the origins are:  some marketing whiz in a back corner or another phrase that has been ripped off another culture?  It makes sense: the deeper are roots are, the more anchored the tree is and the more nutrition it can absorb from the soil.  Thus, the higher it grows allowing it to absorb more energy from the sun.  It is a connected system in that the height of the tree contributes to the growth of deeper roots and deeper roots help the tree to grow higher.  Perhaps this is a metaphor we should learn from.  Our roots are not just something under the soil per say, but enable us to reach higher in life.  What do you think?  Starbucks, I think you got it right this time.


Photo of the poster.  Some of the phrases written on the poster are:

-Work closely with farmers.  Look around the globe for the finest beans.  Roast them with care to bring out spendid falvors.  -I would like to make a difference.  More importantly, I can.  -People who care (unabashedly, unapologetically) about everything around them.


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  1. Interesting thoughts Fatima! Very funny how you embedded little critiques of the quality of tea, price of coffee, uniform design, etc. in Starbucks like coffee shops, while giving them some credit for trying to be more socially responsible. I wonder how effective their messages are. It might actually make a lot of people think when they wait in long lines for coffee. A simple message can change one’s attitude when they begin their day with coffee. I’d be interested to know how much respect starbucks costumers have for the messages they see in these stores though. What do you think?

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