babak’s castle

I bought a calendar with lots of beautiful pictures from different parts of Iran during our last trip in September.  This morning when I came to school, I turned the page and found myself stunned by the power of the image in front of me.  I had discovered an astonishing scene in east Azerbaijan (a province in the north west corner of Iran) that mesmerized me for a few minutes.  I imagined hiking these mountains while feeling the fresh air and the history of this castle amazingly built on a high cliff around 1000 years ago.  The calendar says that the castle belonged to a Persian soldier named Babak who fought against Iran’s foreign invasion and managed to protect himself and other soldiers in this castle for 20 years.  I don’t know how accurate this information is but I am determined to see this place next time I go to Iran.  It feels like I have been there before.  There is something in this picture that is too familiar, either the tale behind the image, the scenery, the castle itself, or a combination of them all.  Or perhaps it reminds me of the stories my grandmother (Beebee) and my most beloved secondary Beebee (Khadijeh) used to tell me when I was little, stories that always involved some sort of love story, betrayal, heroism, sacrifice, and beauty.  They were all happy ending when I was little, but somehow magically transformed into more realistic scenarios as I grew up. I miss them both very much but their stories continue to live with me and guide me as I move on.  


Image courtesy of majid_cs


Image courtesy of elham_m


Image courtesy of Mahtab



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  1. Fatima

    Wow, the pictures are breathtaking. It’s amazing how it was built between the rocks. Really looks like it comes from a child’s fantasy story. Although I can imagine a princess walking down those long stairs in a flowing dress, I’m sure the realities of living in this castle were much different.

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