hamed nikpay

A remarkable talent and an amazing voice: Hamed Nikpay’s music takes me back to Tehran’s old “khocheh baagh’s” (narrow streets separating beautiful gardens of Tehran), the remains of which can still be found in places like Darband or Maghsood Beig.  At the same time, his music amazingly represents a multi-cultural background and his recent songs show a strong Indian and Spanish (Flamenco) influence.  I’m desperately waiting for his new CD that hasn’t been released yet, but to get a glimpse of what he’s about, here is one of his most beautiful songs.  However, nothing can prepare you for the new CD that is going to come out soon.  Enjoy: 



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4 responses to “hamed nikpay

  1. sophie

    He is absolutly great. I just saw them again tonight performing. His new CD is coming out at the end of May 😉

  2. Dear Sophie,
    That’s amazing. Where was his concert? I can’t wait to buy his new CD.
    thanks and keep in touch,

  3. با درود باید بگویم که از آشنایی با چنین خواننده
    با قدرت صدای بالا بسیار خوشحال و خرسند شده ام

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