This morning I was reading BBC news online and looked through one of the BBC staple features, “Day in Pictures”. Frequently there are pictures from the Middle East and South Asia, capturing the everyday occurrences of those so far away. Today there was a picture from Lahore, the city where my mother grew up. Although I have lived in the US my entire life and only visited Lahore once, I felt a connection with those in in the photo. I’m trying to figure out exactly why I feel this way. Perhaps what I feel is that their future is my future; that we are so closely connected. Although the challenges we face are so different, our ultimate goal of finding happiness and prosperity is the same. With the upcoming elections in Pakistan and the incessant primaries in the US, there is a feeling of uncertainty. We are all waiting to see what is in store for us. But maybe I’m trying to analyze this too much. Perhaps I just long to be in the hazy sunlight streaming through the glistening streets. For now, I’m stuck with cloudy skies and snow.

Election flags in Lahore old city, Pakistan

A couple on a motorcycle ride through a street in Lahore’s old city, Pakistan, adorned with election flags and posters ahead of polls due next week.


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