Today I was thinking about how easy it is to discuss development issues without really having a good look into the lives of those young people whom we wish to affect. We may be in the same country, but the experiences that we face are often very different. It’s misleading, if not dangerous, to think that initiatives that we think are amazing are in fact perfect “solutions” to some problem. In all probability, without an understanding of the dynamics at play in different communities and among different people, these projects are detrimental in the long run. Even more, we can’t ignore the fact that there are many young people who either don’t need assistance (because they’re perfectly happy as they are and in the conditions they live in) or who have become so cynical that they don’t think they are in a position to implement change. These scenarios suggest how critical it is to communicate with these young people and see how they live their everyday lives. I really believe that it’s only through these inter and intra-cultural dialogues and immersions that we can really understand each other and help each other to initiate positive changes in society. I think this is what it ultimately takes to create a global community. In the spirit of communicating as well as celebrating the musical talent of a new generation of youth in the Middle East, here is another beautiful song and clip by Mohsen Namjoo, which happens to be my personal favorite. Listen here.


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