invisible children

Invisible Children is an eye-opening and heartwrenching documentary that details the life of street children in Uganda.  Although this blog focuses on youth in South and Central Asia, much can be learned from the plight of youth in Uganda.  The film was made by a few young men who were looking for an adventure when they discovered the story of street children in Uganda who are often forced to become child soldiers.  Through their film they have raised awareness of this issue and implemented projects to help these children.  One program, called “Schools for Schools”, connects youth worldwide to help other children.  Read the excerpt below taken from the website and visit to find out how you can see the film.  It will open your eyes. “Schools for Schools is a unique initiative that rallies students across the world to think of creative fundraising ideas to rebuild schools in northern Uganda, ultimately bringing 10 of the country’s war-torn schools to a nationally competitive standard. Students and schools who sign up to make a difference are connected via an interactive online community where they can track how much money they¹ve raised, how it¹s helping, and what others across the globe are doing to make an impact.”  -taken from


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