iran and brain drain

The International Monetary Fund recently surveyed 61 countries and concluded that every year more than 150,000 educated young Iranians leave their home country to find a better life abroad.  According to IMF, Iran has the highest rate of “brain drain” in the world.  In our recent trip to Iran, I heard from one of the professors at Sharif Institute of Technology that about 60-70% of their graduates leave the country every year (Sharif being the best technical school in the country, and in some programs one of the best in the world).  As these young talents leave their home, there is less hope for a brighter future for those who remain…

brain-drain.jpg  photo courtesy of BBC

Iran is spending a large amount of its recourses on educating its young population and yet seems to lose as many who find a way to leave.  Most young people complain about economical tensions, lack of job security, stressful social restrictions and conflicts, lack of budget for academic research, and much more.  The current statistics of young people leaving the country and the current trend of hopeless for finding solutions that would improve the future of Iran makes one think: will there be a turning point in our life time? 


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  1. … some thoughts:

     I’d be curious to learn how many Iranians abroad are returning to Iran now. I know in recent years this has become a bit of a trend.

     Also, I wonder to what extent the Iranian Diaspora are doing things that positively impact the lives of Iranians in Iran, such as giving back, non-profit work, business and trade, academic research on Iran, increasing awareness abroad, etc. Perhaps the activities of the Iranians who have left the country outweigh the benefits they could have contributed had they stayed in Iran… considering that in some ways they may have been limited in what they could do there – with other concerns draining their time and energy.

     Maybe focus should be given to encourage or publicize people who leave the country, get good experience abroad, and then return to implement fresh ideas with fresh energy…

     Lastly, and partially inspired by the current presidents remarks on the subject: there is the argument that there are still plenty of good brains in the country. I don’t know yet if I agree with this or not, but there it is.

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