the power of photography


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It is amazing what images the camera lens can capture. Mundane objects that we often overlook in our daily lives take on a whole new meaning when we see them through the eyes of another. As a medium for empowering, the camera is often the most simple restorative art form. Various organizations ranging from Kids with Cameras (producers of the documentary film, Born into Brothels) to Picture Balata have utilized the art of photography to empower and build confidence in marginalized children. While photography is not a panacea for marginalization and under-development, it can help to provide a sense of purpose and hope to children who may otherwise travel down the road to despair. By looking at the world with new eyes and seeing the impact that their printed work has on others, young people can find the internal motivation they need to implement change in their lives. Isn’t this the basis of sustainable community-based development after all?


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