youth and communications technology

In our recent trip to Iran I noticed the interesting relationship between the youth and communications technology as means for expressing their ideas and creativity or as a sign of protest against some old beliefs they passionately disagree with.  In a country of 68 million people, the youth in Iran form about 70 percent of the population.  The existing networks of communications among young Iranians now seem to constitute the strongest form of networking that create their own rules and regulations by expressing themselves through visual media, audio, etc.  New means of communication networks which did not exist until a few years ago appear to have changed the way young Iranians think and for the most part have created new opportunities to work with Iranian youth in different fields.   


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As an example, Iranian youth want change in most aspects of their lives, but not at the cost of violence (in any way).  Most of us are terrified of violence since our earliest memories were of bombings during the Iran-Iraq War.  These memories may have made us fear that peace is fragile and war is on the horizon.  Most young Iranians convey their hatred for war via different means of communication, such as blogging (that has become extremely popular among the Iranian youth), photo-networks (like Flickr), social networks (MySpace, Orkut, Facebook), or even visual arts.  Such communication networking tools may be, in return, one of the best ways to communicate with the youth in their own language. We are interested to hear about your experience with communications technology and youth.


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