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portal for development information

I found the website of the nonprofit organization, the Development Gateway Foundation, an extremely useful resource for learning about international best practices in poverty reduction and development. Especially striking is the Youth for Development initiative being led by UN-HABITAT posted on the website. In the previous post, I questioned how young people’s voices can be incorporated into the development process. UN-HABITAT addresses similar concerns and recognizes youth as active participants by initiating and fostering partnerships with youth organizations worldwide.

Read about the Youth for Development initiative here:

Picture courtesy of IRIN


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the youth question in iran


Like many countries in the Middle East, Iran is currently facing a youth crisis wherein half of the population is between the ages of 15-24 and more than 30 percent are unemployed. Hidden within this figure are those young people who comprise the one in seven Iranians living under 1 USD/day. We find that there’s a widespread belief within the country that one of the main reasons for these young people’s low standing on the socio-economic ladder is that their skills and education are not meeting the demands of jobs in the Iranian economy (skills mismatch). Therefore, development projects often focus on improving technical skills (for example, computer training) in the hopes that these initiatives will provide greater access to the labor market and thus, greater economic security.

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